From 1988 I have directed/written/produced more than 20 feature length films. Click below to view some of them.


Secrets of the Maaasai Kenya 2009

Heavenly MudMali 2004

The Promise Ghana 2011

Rock n Roll Junkie NL 1994

Lembro Me Portugal 2019

Spirits of Africa, 2011-14


Since 1988 I have been active as a director, producer and writer of feature documentaries, feature films and TV drama. I have made a number of documentaries in Africa and Asia and with three friends I made the 1994 feature documentary film 'Rock 'n Roll Junkie' which was voted best Dutch postwar biopic in 2008 and nominated for best documentary at the Dutch Film Festival.

In 1996 I went to live in Africa where I wrote a number of books but also made some films. In 2004 I made Heavenly Mud, a film about traditional architecture and magic in the Niger valley (Mali). It was selected for a number of international film festivals and broadcast in many countries.

In 2009 I made the 90 minute film Secrets of the Maasai with Jan Dries Groenendijk. It features many unique rituals. In 2011, my film The Promise about the many unfulfilled promises the West has made to Africa premiered at the Dutch Film festival. It was broadcast on Dutch television (IKON) and has been sold to a number of countries.

From 2011 onwards I made a series of documentary portraits of traditional African healers (shamans). They vary from 10 to 20 minutes in length. They can be viewed online via the Spirits of Africa Youtube Channel.

In 2019 I directed and produced Lembro Me/ I Remember (30 mins), a documentary about life in the lower Alentejo region oof Portugal before the revolution of 1974. Watxch a part of it HERE.

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